Tyler Schwaller

ThD student, Harvard Divinity School


I am a doctoral student (ThD, doctor of theology) of New Testament and Early Christian Studies at Harvard Divinity School. At the same time, I am in the ordination process of the United Methodist Church. It might seem obvious, then, that religion in general and the bible in particular matter to me. My main concern — whether working with texts from the past or people in the present or people in the present dealing with texts from the past — is to explore the lines that have been drawn and to engage in the profound meaning-making process of accepting, transgressing, and transforming those lines.

The lines drawn in my life that I both cherish and cross (and cherish crossing) do not lead just into the academy and church; I also enjoy swimming, singing, music, reading, sports (the Iowa Hawkeyes!), learning to cook, and most anything involving family and friends.

On this site, you will find information about both my academic and church work, including writings and publications, as well as various other things related to my interests.