Tyler Schwaller

ThD student, Harvard Divinity School

UMC General Conference 2012

Posted by Tyler Schwaller on February 4, 2011

Every four years, the global United Methodist Church gathers 1,000 delegates from around the world to discuss and set the policy for the Church.  The assembly considers revisions to church law, as well as recommends resolutions to address current social, political, religious, and economic issues.

The Iowa Annual Conference will send seven lay and seven clergy delegates, who will be elected by the Annual Conference at its meeting in early June 2011.

With a firm grasp of church policy — having taken United Methodist polity at Harvard and currently serving as legislative chairperson for the UM General Commission on the Status and Role of Women — I have submitted my name for consideration to be a lay delegate.  Frankly, I enjoy and have a passion for the processes of church conferencing and bring hope for a church that can be relevant and address the deep needs and aches of this world.  My official nomination statement is copied below, followed by a link to a PDF version:

As a young adult, nurtured from birth at First UMC in Coon Rapids, I believe passionately in the spirit of United Methodism to bring healing to an aching world.  Thus, I seek to put my skills and energy for legislative work into service toward shaping the future of the UMC.  I will encourage the Church in developing the flexibility to foster relevant, meaningful ways of being in ministry and fellowship with all people.

I am currently the legislative chairperson for the UMC’s General Commission on the Status and Role of Women.  This leadership role has broadened my awareness of issues facing the global Church and prepares me to work collaboratively on complex legislation.  One of our pressing challenges is maintaining a fair, vital worldwide structure.  I will support efforts that empower peoples around the world, including the U.S., to carry out the most effective ministry in their specific contexts.  Moreover, it will be essential to ensure that policies are in place enabling all people to flourish, assuring that the church values and upholds the most vulnerable in society.

Being a doctoral student of New Testament and Early Christianity at Harvard, I am committed to emulating the example of early followers of Jesus in wrestling with diverse, complicated questions while holding one another in love and faithfulness to the Gospel.  The beliefs guiding my legislative work can be distilled in a simple Wesleyan measure: does it bring forth good fruits, manifesting biblical values such as mercy, truth, justice, righteousness, and love?

Tyler Schwaller General Conference Nomination


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